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Women Pheromones – How Men Are Attracted to It

Women are said to be weaknesses of the opposite sex and these special pheromones attract men in a very unexplainable way. The alluring scents produced by the chemical substances secreted by the hormones of women are just like drugs that men could not resist and they are said to be addicted to that scent. This is the law of nature. Human beings are created in two sexes – the male and female. These opposite sexes are attracted with each other to fulfill the earthly mission of multiplying the race. These substances are produced for special purposes and it is for the survival of the kind.

What are Women Pheromones?

Pheromones are said to occur naturally in animals usually to attract the opposite sex of the same species. These chemical substances carry airborne messages, which are expected to be responded by the opposite sex. The scents are implied sexual behavior to induce mating actions. To human beings, when women produce these pheromones in a very natural way, this attracts men in a very sensible manner. This natural phenomenon is common to species that are created for intimate connection in order to produce more of their offspring. To attract male species is one of the purposes of the secreted female pheromones although on some animal species, pheromones have other functions.

How Do These Women Pheromones Work?

Women Pheromones – How Men Are Attracted to It

Sexual attractiveness is the ultimate aim of giving off women pheromones. It is true that the effects of these substances especially to men are not well defined. However, in our subconscious state, this natural phenomenon is recognized. Once detected by a human, it triggers the desire for sexual interaction.

The portal of entry of these pheromones is usually in the men’s nose. The reason why men are attracted to women when these hormones are produces is because ones a pheromone enters the nose, there is a Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose, which sends signal to the brain for sexual desire. This situation happens naturally without the knowledge of the humans being involved.

What Lessens the Effects of Pheromones?

Due to many unnatural chemicals produced by people, chemicals that include the deodorants and all types of antiperspirants, women usually lose the amount of the secreted pheromones from her body. The blockage of the natural scents lessens the effects of the sexual desire and attraction to the men. On the other hand, during the fertile stage of a woman, copulins pheromone is secreted which is the strongest scent of all.

Pheromones in women are invisible but indeed these are the most seductive substances known to humankind. For men, they might not be aware on how often they sniff the scent yet their subconscious state knows it all. If you are in a mission to attract men that you like, you should let your pheromones do their job.

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