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How to Apply Fragrances That Contain Human Pheromone?

What are human pheromones? When it comes to human attraction, pheromones play a vital role. These days you may find various products in the market that contain human pheromone and claim to be effective in the game of attraction. They say that these pheromone infused products given you an edge in varied social situations. But before you start acting on your impulse it is very important that you learn how to use these pheromone fragrances that produces an identical hint of a natural human pheromone for desired results.

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How to Use Pheromone Fragrances for Better Results?

Before we move further to the basic guidelines of using pheromone fragrances let’s dispel some of the misrepresented claims that people are making about pheromone products. These fragrances will not make you look more beautiful, but can go a long way towards getting a man identify you as sexy and someone approachable.

How to Use Pheromone Fragrances

Apply to your clothing instead of your skin – It’s a mistake that is common among its general uses—they apply it on their skin, instead of their clothes simply because they feel that it is the way nature intended it. However, application to skin enhances dispersal because our body produces heat, and the fragrance/pheromone will harmonize with the skin somewhat. Prefer clothing applications—they are easier, last longer and avoid build-up. Artificially created human pheromones have tendency to stay on the clothes even after a wash. Clothing application is a much better option, it has only one down side that is—pheromones effect weaken as the clothes come off from your body. Application to bed sheets or pillows is, however, one easy way around.

Make sure the product contains recommended concentration – Pheromones have been a subject to research for long, and many a researches have shown that minimum 0.015% pheromone concentration is necessary to achieve desired result. May be this is the percentage that equate body’s natural production. Make sure the product you have bought maintains that minimum concentration. Wear only the recommended amount as excessive use may intimidate men or women you are trying to attract.

The Longer You Are Around, The Better It Works

The longer you are around the better it works – Scientific researches and evidences state that human-pheromone-mood axis take more than 10 minutes to work, but its response may be instant. Generally, the longer you are in contact with the person, the more likely it is that your pheromones will affect him, but there are fair chances of strong reactions that happen in faster manner.

Certain People are Unaffected by Human Pheromones

It is also important to keep in mind that a few people are unaffected by human pheromones. It is about 20% of human population that remain unaffected and most of them are men, due to their habit of heavy smoking and other genetic reasons. Some scientists who have been researching long on the human pheromone and its various effect says that vermeronasal organ (VNO), that help brain detect pheromones, has de-evolved in some men and they don’t react to female pheromones at all. So, when your desired expectation are not fulfilled from a particular individual, do not blame your pheromone product immediately, there are chances that your man’s VNO are not responding properly. Sometimes a different product (contains a different human pheromone) may do the trick. So keep trying and have fun.

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