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Pheromones To Attract Men – The Two Best Sellers In The Range

What Is Olfactory Communication?

Have you ever heard about olfactory communications? You might have heard that animals often communicate via changes in their body odor. But you would surprise to know that these communications are also found in humans. Olfactory communication plays an important role in our interaction with opposite sex. Smells that our body produces or worn artificially may determine our fate on a date.  It affects both your looks as well as your personality.  Smell may change your perception about someone who is otherwise not so good looking.  Famous casinos in Las Vegas have been applying fragrances for years to get more cowed and make them stay longer at their casinos.

Scientists who have been involved in the studies of pheromones believe that smell or fragrance can even help us find a perfect mate, if not a life partner, at least someone who we will like.  For years, pheromones have been known as a substance that influences sex and attraction.  These body produced hormones determine how easy or difficult it would be for you to attract someone.

Now scientists have made it possible for you to wear one or various pheromones yourself. Yes, if for any reason your body does not produce enough of pheromones and you feel sometimes less appealing to opposite sex you may wear a single or combination of pheromones which are now easily available under various brand names.  Let’s review two best sellers in pheromones category to see what they have and how they helped people in finding their mate.

PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women (Attract Men) – The Science of Attraction – 18mg Human Pheromones – 30ml

PherX Pheromone Perfume, the science of attraction for Women to attract men is purely based on the belief that it’s not only the money, fame or looks that make you look more attractive to a particular men but it is something else, perhaps the naturally occurring chemicals in our body that makes a man go crazy about you.  PherX Pheromone perfume contains Pure Human Pheromones in higher concentration possible.  They say that no other pheromone product is as effective as PherX Pheromones. It makes opposite sex more comfortable and open to you in no time. It helps send subconscious sent signals to a man that trigger romantic feelings.

PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women (Attract Men)

What Pheromone Combination PherX Used In Their Product?

Its 30 ml bottle contains – Androstadienone, Androstenone, Androsteron and Androstenol.

Customer Feedback

I am more than excited writing about customer’s feedback for this product.  Out of 32, 13 customers have given five star rating to PherX Pheromone Perfume. They are very happy with it performance.  They say that men are friendlier to them when they wear it. Few have had wonderful or you can say rewarding experience with PherX Pheromone.  A woman who at is her mid 30 got a lot of respect from her co-workers at her office and she even got a small promotion. She believed that it was all the magic of PherX Pheromone.

There are one or two very interesting stories to read.  I quote words of a very satisfied customer. She is very happy having PherX Pheromone power. She says “Since using pheromones, I can’t keep him away! The best thing is they do not even know its happening.”

Lets look at the another product which is also a best seller Pheromone perfume. The product is

PHERAZONE Pheromone Perfume for WOMEN to Attract Men UNSCENTED

Pherazone’s have a unique formula which they have created with high quality, lab-certified pheromones. This unscented formula is perfect for women to attract men who do not to hide from their man that they have worn some formulate substance to attract hi.  Pherazone’s pheromones to attract men have been tested and optimized to see the best results.  This blend took no time to become so popular and a best seller among other women’s pheromones.

PHERAZONE Pheromone Perfume for WOMEN to Attract Men UNSCENTED

What secret formula they have used and how they have optimized it to get best results from a small bottle is not known to us. But whatsoever blend they have used they are very confident on it and guarantee that it will surely offer more attention and increase confidence within you.

Customer Feedback

“I’m a repeated customer, tried other brands but honestly Pherazone is the only one that works.”  Well, this is a quoted line of ‘Endia’ a very satisfied customer of PHERAZONE Pheromone Perfume. She has awarded the product with five stars. Well, there are so many more customers like Endia for whom Pherazone has just done wonders.

There is another review where the writer or the customer has shared a completely different point of view. They say that they had spent over 20 years doing extensive research on various perfumes, colognes and pheromones and they found that “Pherazone formulas all had a very alluring …. and the highest concentration of pheromones we ever tested”

After reading all these reviews I would say that, the product seems very genuine to me.  If you would go purchase synthetic human pheromones separately it can cost you around $15,000.00 for a gram. So when the company focuses entirely on products highest concentration quality. They must have used highest concentration which made it little costlier to other.  If $79 to 80 is not an amount to get back those attention and attraction, you must give it a try.

What Is The Best Combination Pheromone To Attract Men

Most of the companies market their pheromone produces with a claim that their product have the maximum lever of pheromones concentration available. Whenever you come across something like this, instead of immediately getting influenced by the marketing gimmick try inquring kind of pheromones are used in the formula of that particular product.  A wrong combination or maximum concentration of such contents would only yield marginal or no results.  It should be optimized human pheromones. Most of the products are made up of pheromones derived from insects or birds which are not effective on humans.

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