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Smells That Turn Men On

It’s true, the fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach and this is why the smells that turn men on the most are edible. Studied by Dr. Hisrch and the Taste and Treatment Research Center proved there’s an increase in men’s penile blood when smelling certain scents ( If you light up a candle that smells like pumpkin pie, lavender or vanilla you will for sure get a response. Better yet, try putting this on your body right before meeting up. Spices, citrus fruit and black licorice works just as well too. You’d be shock that popcorn, donuts, peppermint candy, cinnamon roll and pizza are also on this list. Well somebodies getting eatin’ if he’s hungry and I’m hoping in a good way. Teasing.

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You see, according to Dr. Hisrch, tasty scents work on a subconscious level to loosen him up.  Men have reported when their girlfriend wear vanilla or almond scents it makes them happy, relaxed and aroused. Even though I just named almost every food guys love to eat, don’t go overboard stay subtle. Just like perfume, only a dab will do it. You can also mix one sweet with a salty such as cinnamon roll with popcorn. I say test this out and see what happens. Also so the poor guy don’t start having a growling stomach, make sure there is something to actually feed him after your experiment.

Author: Jessica Brown

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