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Why Men Pheromones are Relaxing to Women

Bye-Bye to aroma therapy hello to men’s pheromones.

No more searching for your favorite candle or oil scent to help you relax before bed. Researchers say all it takes is a man’s pheromones. The scent of a male can change a woman’s mood in a positive way and makes a female want to be closer.

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In a recent study, women were giving three applications of the underarm solution during the six-hour evaluation period, followed by three doses of exposure to alcohol over another six-hour period. Researchers found that exposure to the male pheromones also prompted a shift in blood levels of a reproductive hormone called luteinizing hormone. Levels of this hormone typically surge before ovulation. Women also experience small surges during other times in the menstrual cycle (WebMD Health News).

This would explain why I love smelling my boyfriend’s shirts. The armpit in particular is overwhelmingly alluring. However, I’ve also experienced natural smells from men that I could not stand. For me it determined if a guy was just a friend or if we might move forward. Only certain pheromones are desiring to women. You can say, it’s like a natural process of selection by smell. Have you ever noticed how much more attractive a man is when he is wearing good cologne? That’s because cologne companies have figured out which ones are the most attractive to women and use them in their ingredients. Yup, there is something smelly going on right under your nose.

Men pheromones are relaxing to women and can be used for after a stressful day at work. It can calm nervousness before walking into a business meeting or stepping into a party. Whatever way you decide to use it is definitely worth the try.


Author: Jessica Brown

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