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5 Ways to Make Pheromone Perfume Work Best

  There are 5 ways to make pheromone perfume work at its best.

Men prefer clean sweat of a woman, a study revealed, over perfume. A clean sweat is after a hot shower or bath or a brief increase of heat in your body causing some sweat to form. The study also concluded that men find this type of woman a lot more attractive and desirable. Follow these steps below to make your perfume work at its best when you are not sweating.

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1. Put on immediately after a warm or hot bath. Open pores will allow your natural pheromones to work with your perfume giving it a boost.

2. Place perfume on pulse points like your wrist and neck. This activates the pheromones and releases them because of the movement of blood and heat.

3. Test your product out. The best places to see if your perfume really works is where there are single men.  Males that are already committed will not respond as well even if they are attracted to the sent. Choose places like bars, singles meet and greet or speed dating events.

4. For women who have partners: You can wear your perfume to increase sexual tension between you. Schedule a romantic night together with his favorite lingerie on you and place it in the key areas. You may also wear your perfume right after your menstrual cycle goes off (Only if you are attempting to have a baby.)

5. Smell the pheromones yourself by putting a dab under your nose. Smelling your pheromones gives you confidence and can help lower nervousness or anxiety.

It a scientific fact that pheromones do work to attract men and help women have a better sexual experience.  Chose what type of product you want carefully and have fun with it. Enjoy flirting, laughing and getting the best out of your pheromone perfume.

Author: Jessica Brown


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