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Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate

Androstenone Pheromones certainly originates in small amounts in the sweat of young women and men, these pheromones are developed residue from the period when humans depends on the perfumes and fragrances to attract a mate. It has also been recognized that these pheromones can activate influential and powerful sexual responses both in women and men. Unfortunately, our new and present lifestyle has mainly mugged us from the powerful and influential effects of androstenone on the opposite person. Generally, the pheromones our body produces are destroyed and damaged because of the use of antiperspirants and antibacterial soaps.

Duration Of Pheromone Perfume For Women

Androstenone pheromone scents that attract men are the oil base pheromone perfume for women which suggest that a little drop of a scent on the neck, wrist and small drop behind the ears are quite sufficient to attract a mate. It is an oil based liquid that has been examined that the small bottle of the pheromone can be used for longer time period. A small drop of these scents lasts up to at least 9 hours or sometimes more. The scientific examinations has proved that the smell of such pheromones last for more than 8 hours or may keep the user smelling throughout the day. It directly indicates that the fragrance last for more the time users generally think. But the condition of these fragrances is; it should not get rubbed with your clothes because as your clothes get rubbed with it the smell will lessen down the effect.

Easy To Use – Pheromone Scents That Attract Men

Although these pheromone perfume for women are easy to use but in some situations it become quite annoying as it is an oil based liquid which sometimes can stain your favourite dress. You are not allowed to wipe your hand after the use of these scents because once you will wipe your hand the effect of the scent will get lessen.

Effectiveness Of Pheromone Perfume For Women On Men

The powerful effects of these pheromone perfume for women are completely proven, scientifically tested and designed that work like a magic bottle of scent to attract your partner. The fragrance of Androstenone Pheromones is much effective that with the small drop of it you can now be more popular with the men about whom you have never even thought about. These are the effective fragrances as compared to any other product available in the market.

Scientists and researchers have become successful in isolating, identifying and reconstructing the powerful and amazing Androstenone pheromone perfume for women. Even when these fragrances are used in small amount, they show best result. After the use of such perfumes you will find yourself approached by your mate who will get attracted towards you, make loving eye contact, give you a smile and will try to start a conversation with you and will definitely compliment you for your fragrance. Also men you were unfriendly with; will now automatically come closer to you and interact with you as these scents that attract men make the males more desirable and crazy to come towards you.

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