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5 Super Cool Places to Have a Date

Dating someone should be fun and exciting. Where you go the first few months can determine how much fun you will actually have or in other words location, location and location. There are many places that are appropriate for just meeting for the first time and other spots for when you guys are on the verge of a commitment. The 5 super cool places to have a date will help your chances of having a great time double.

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1.  Music or Dance Lessons – Aww. How cute you guys look together on the dance floor. Try different versions of the waltz, belly dancing or the tango.  Also learning to play an instrument together is something different that both of you will enjoy. All you really need is three notes each and you guys can harmonize with almost any instrument.

2.  Take A cooking Class Together (First Date) – Any continuing education program will have a cooking class. If you don’t know how to cook this is a time to learn with your new guy. If you are a good cook, learn new skills and show it off. The fastest way to a man’s heart is his belly.

3.  Attend Music or Movie Festival (First Date) – Every spring and summer most cities hold a live music or movie festival with several different genres playing from noon to midnight. Enjoy the local talent and watch an artist before they become crazy famous.

4. Play video Games – If you find out both of you are gamers its fun to play a few rounds with your guy. You will have a ball with hand to hand combat, sports or racing games. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks for the entire night.

5. Have a Picnic (First Date) – Go to your grocery store and pick up fresh fruit, turkey or ham lunch meat, crackers or make sandwiches, pound cake and your favorite drink to accompany it. Pick a nice place like a park or beach and bring a blanket or huge towel to lay down while watching the sun go down.

Final Words

You can have a blast on your next date where both of you will have a memorable night. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to get to know each other. Throw away the traditional and sometimes boring dinner and movie option and choose one of the fantastic places I just mentioned.

Author: Jessica Brown

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