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7 Best Places to Meet Men

You might be like my single friends who are very ready to date but find themselves clueless on the best places to find a good guy or least be surrounded by singles enough to get a chance. The entire point is to be available, right. Before you walk out the door and think going to club or bar will increase your chances, think about what type of guy you are really looking for.  If you want a guy that does not drink, well, a bar wouldn’t be where you want to go to meet him. So, again, go over what type a guy you want and choose the best places. There are great hang outs to find a single men, for sure. Let me help buy listing at least 7 below.

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1. Your favorite musician concert. You may think this is too noisy but you can exchange numbers and text while enjoying your mutually loved artist.

2. A live game such as basketball or baseball. Even if you are not a sports fan you can meet plenty of single men here.

3. Local festivals or carnivals. Take a stroll at a festival while taken in the great food, music and rides. You are

4. Comedy Clubs. What a joyous place to meet a guy, right? Getting your laugh on and knowing the guy there also have an awesome sense of humor.

5. Church, spiritual event or community volunteer work. Even though to some this may sound a little lame, it is perfectly normal to meet a single guy that has the same spiritual beliefs as you.

6. Dance or cooking lessons. Learning to cook will benefit your relationship ways you may not think. Food helps connect people. Finding a guy that cooks is a plus!

7. Dating events such as speed dating or online dating sites. Don’t knock out these programs specifically for singles. Regardless of any nightmare stories you might have heard this will increase your chances of mingling with other singles.


You can meet men almost anywhere including the grocery store. The key is to make sure before walking out the door that you at least have your hair neat and some lip-gloss. Knowing what you want will also increase meeting a good guy and possibly creating a great long-term relationship.

Author: Jessica Brown

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