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5 Best Styles to Wear on Your First Date

Ever feel over-dressed or under dressed when going on a date? Have you stared at the mirror hoping that your guy at least dresses as half as decent as you? Well, you can’t control what he will wear but you can definitely make it easier for yourself. Going on a date can be nerve racking enough without having to walk in a restaurant feeling awkward. Here are 7 things you can wear on the first date that will limit embarrassment that will also fit almost any occasion – all in one date outfits.

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1. White Blouse with Black Jeans or slacks and small to medium heels. If you don’t feel comfy showing your mid-section wear a longer blouse. The colors white and black are simple that matches with almost anything. Also, rather you add jeans or slack you will be comfortable. You can look good AND feel good on your first date.

2. A cute to the Knees Skirt with a Simple Design along with a light colored shirt or blouse. Show off some leg but don’t show too much. Tease them don’t please them….just yet.

3. If you don’t feel comfortable showing cleavage or lack the boobs to have one you can still show-off some skin with this Open Shoulder Blouse that comes in 27 different colors. Wow!

4. The Biker Look never gets old. Its super cozy and great for movies, baseball or even karaoke night.

5. Something Sheer and Light Like a Lovely Black or red dress is great for the theater, gayla or the club will clearly turn heads for the right reasons

Final Thoughts

It’s ok to be nervous about what to wear especially on your first date. Know that these particular styles of clothes will attract your guy and keep you comfortable through the entire date.

Author: Jessica Brown


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