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Do Pheromones Make You Happy?

Pheromones are natural scents that our body secrete. Even though that might sound yuck, it is really important for for mating according to science. The main reason pheromones work so well is because it stimulates desires –  mostly sexual. But to get two willing partners to look, smile or even talk to each other pheromones through another fascinating component.

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Pheromones can alter your feelings. It is known to turn a frown upside down. Reviews from real customers talk about how they noticed co-workers being less grouchy. One recent review indicated her boyfriend was less stressed and more playful. So, the right natural pheromones not only help attract you to that cute guy, but it also makes you feel joyful.

“I feel happy & excited the minute I spray it on. I’m the only woman in my office & this makes the environment a whole lot better! It tones down the testosterone or something. Even the partner who doesn’t like me (IDK why..he’s a jerk for no reason) can’t help but be nice.” ~
I also use this when I’m feeling angry & want to keep myself from starting arguments or snapping at people (especially that ogre of a partner! Lol) I’m gonna try the double strength & see what happens. I dropped my bottle & it broke so now I’m taking this opportunity to try it in a higher strength.
Enjoy!” – Actual Buyer

What about pheromone perfumes?

Contrary to belief, store-bought pheromones’ main ingredient is male pheromones (Andronone and Copulandrone). Some products add fragrances to enhance the appeal that is known to attract men such as orange or peppermint scents. “A key to Healthy Attraction, when used in moderation, is that it gives you that kind of aloof confidence that’s so powerful and appealing, it just sucks other people in. The kind of confidence that doesn’t just make you feel good, but also allows you to better do as you please. The sense that you will succeed, regardless of real or imagined negativity around you. It really helps you to express yourself more freely.”

Final Thoughts

Do pheromones make you happy? Well according to “happy” customers they do. Pheromones are also known to bring confidence to the wearer as well as make you resistible to your boyfriend or love interest. There are so many great reasons to try pheromone products, its almost endless. Not feeling your best today? Put a little pheromone spray on your neck or wrist and take sniff. It might just turn your entire day around.

Author: Jessica Brown

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