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Are Your Pheromones Making a Love Match?

Have you every found yourself attracted to someone and didn’t know why? He was so far off from what you normally would date or even go after it’s a little spooky. Well this might have a lot to do with your natural pheromones talking to his pheromones. The two have already decided that you are a match.

Way before eye contact and conversation, your natural pheromones are already at work and so is other pheromones from the people or person around you. So, what does this mean? Your basic humanistic instinct is still determining your friends and lovers before your brain clicks on and makes a solid decision to determined if you like that person.” – Anonymous

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It only take 3 seconds for a woman to decide rather or not they like you.” According to scientist, this all has to do with the dynamic pace of your natural pheromone sharing agents and your brain working to analyze compatibility based on sex and ability to produce.

Looks are not what determines attraction as much as smell. However, neither visual or pheromone attraction will tell you rather the relationship will be long-term – that’s the downfall. Your brain needs to kick in once the basic instinct has said yes. You must ask the right questions to figure out if the guy that is super hot wants what you wants.

Final Words

Your pheromones had a great conversation with a guy’s pheromones and they both said yes to compatibility. You might not know why you find him attractive. Perhaps at times your pheromones find a match that is outside of your normal type. But don’t let it freak you out, it’s just mother nature or cupid doing their jobs. Find out more about the guy and if he will go that extra mile to a relationship with you.

Author: Jessica Brown


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