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What to Do When a Hot Guy Approaches You?

I can definitely say some women are experts at knowing exactly what to say to a guy when they are approached. But the rest of us may be lost for words which can send the wrong signal. He’s hot. I get it. You’re nervous and don’t want to say the wrong things. The last thing you want is to seem desperate or worse seem uninterested. Below are some great tips on how to stay focused and reel that hot guy in.

Here’s What To Do When a Hot Guy Approaches You

When a guy approaches you that is finer than summer wine, smile slightly and give short eye contact. Too, much eye to eye right off bat can be awkward. Most likely he’s a little nervous too so the first two sentences might not have much depth.

Have little to no expectations. He’s just saying hi but whatever move he makes afterwards be cool with it. Take his initial approach as a flattery. He finds you attractive so all you have to do next is be a good listener.

Don’t forget to say thank you if he compliments you and find something to give it back. Something simple like his shirt or haircut. Never assume when a guy approaches you he is actually hitting on you. Some guys are just super friendly and want to chit chat while standing in line or finds something funny they want to share.

Always let the guy ask you for your number, out for coffee or a hangout spot. Most men like to do the asking and you want him to continue to be the one who does the chasing. What a sure sign he’s interested and that you are a hotty yourself?


You don’t have to be super shy when a guy approaches. It is possible the guy just wants to chat. Even so, make sure you are prepared to exchange numbers and wear a great smile. Men are people too and he probably spent a few minutes getting up the nerves to say something to you in the first place. Take the fact you attracted him to you for a good reason.

Author: Jessica Brown

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