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What Is a Pheromone Love Potion

If you are wondering if pheromone love potions really work and how here’s the answers you’ve been waiting for. A pheromone love potion is not your hocus-pocus magical answers to love. It is called a love potion because of its main ingredient, pheromones, that are scientifically proven to attract the opposite sex.

What Is A Pheromone Love Potion and How Does It Work?

Pheromones are an odorless secretion that usually activates the most when a women is on her menstrual cycle or when a guy’s testosterone is really high. Pheromones play a huge part in who you are attracted to just by their smell. Let me underline that if a guy is not really into you, pheromone love potions will not change his mind, but enhance a guy’s attraction that already likes you.

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The best time to use this potion of love is when you are on a date or when you want to spice up the bedroom. Pheromones are also known to stimulate sexual desires. If you or your partner have a problem with a low sex drive this will help get things going.

For Couples

There are pheromones that you can buy to attract men (with copulin) and pheromones you can buy to attract women (Androstenol). When you and your partner put on each perfume it can help your sex life, but you don’t necessarily need both. It depends on who is having the low stimulation problem.

Final Word

Pheromone love potions actually do work. You can make your own or purchase them. There are different brands you can chose from. For best results try our Top 3 Pheromone Perfumes to Buy.

Author: Jessica Brown

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