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How Pheromone Androstenone Make Men Hot

The pheromone androstenone comes from men natural scent and is the number one reason you find your partner attractive. It also stimulates a woman’s sexual urges and heightens the desire to want to make love. Androstenone is perfect for couples that are having problems with romance. Although androstenone is for men to wear to turn on a woman, there is also copulin which will attract males and turn them on.

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Where to Get it?

Searching for these components are no longer hard now thanks to the internet. has several different pheromone products in which their main ingredients are androstenone or copulin.  You can place the solution on key areas of your body such as neck, wrist, back of knee and inner thighs. These areas are where natural pheromone secret therefore adding the androstenone or copulin to the same places will increase the effect.

When to Use Pheromones?

It is best to use either pheromones when there is already an attraction. This is not a love potion, it just enhances what is already there. It’s most potent for couples because there is a constructed relationship. But, don’t worry, it works for those who are just dating too. In fact, some women have used cuplin at work to lower the drama or intense vibes because these pheromones are also known to calm down emotions.

Final Words

Androstenone works and is scientifically proven to stimulate women’s sexual side. Easy to find product and if you don’t have anyone particular in mind you can use it on, you can wear copulin instead at work or in social areas where you don’t mind the extra attention and admiration.

Author: Jessica Brown

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