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How to Make Pheromone Love Potion

Pheromones are now in most perfumes and are becoming increasingly popular.  There are still some skeptics that don’t believe that such a thing really exist even with proven research studies.  It’s understandable that some people are on the fence a little with products that claim their perfume will attract the man of their dreams.  If you are one of those skeptics then you are in luck. You can make your own love potion at home and make it as strong or as light as you wish. How well it works it’s up to you.

 Instructions on How to Make Pheromone Love Potion

1. Find a empty plastic spray bottle.  You will need alcohol found in stores or online or you can use unflavored vodka.

2.  Add 1/8 polysorbate which helps keep the oil and alcohol from separating.

3.  Next add essential oils of any scent you wish. Recommend Lavender, Peppermint or Orange fragrance. Mix the alcohol with polysorbate and essential oils.

4. You can purchase copulin pheromones in liquid form. Copulin is a female’s natural pheromone that attracts men. It usually comes from women’s neck, palm of hand and armpit areas.

5. Once all three ingredients are mixed shake in bottle for a few minutes than use.

Final Point

Be careful of who you are around when wearing the love potion. Although for most the experience is having friendlier conversations with those who they are not attracted to, you want to make sure you are attracting the guy you really want. Spray on the potion after getting out of the shower or bath. This mixture is also known to make you feel more confident about yourself. This potion will not help if you are not also dressing nice and have your own positive attitude.

Author: Jessica Brown

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