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Top 3 Pheromone Perfumes to Attract Men

The best pheromone perfumes you can buy that really does what they say are listed here. These sprays have countless positive reviews raving about how they feel more confident and how people around them are more friendly and conversational. One woman wrote that her boyfriend was in a bad mood then after putting on the spray and sitting next to him his mood changed. She also reported that he was touchy more than usual.

The Top 3 Pheromone Perfumes to Attract Men are:


Euphoria for Women

Listed as number one favorite for women because of its immediate response after wearing the perfume and pleasant scent. A user of the spray wrote, “I’ve used this for years. Since before my first boyfriend. And… they’ve all loved it. I love it. My fiancé can’t get enough.” Suggest used with another perfume for enhancement.




Scents of Eros 

Great scented perfume that brings you the right attention. A happy review says, “Works well and a few dabs is all you need. When I wear Scent of Eros it gets my husband more interested (if you know what I mean) and makes men in general more attentive and appear interested. It will not make you a sex goddess so let’s be real. Just be friendly flirt, a little, look your best and let it work. Remember there are no magic potions and if he isn’t interested nothing will change that but it is a great tool. It makes me feel more confident and sexy just wearing it.”





Primal Instinct

Not known for its scent as much as working on people that normally don’t speak. Turning a few eyes your way but not quite a love potions. The best way to put it is a comment made by a recent buyer, “What can I say, I was pretty skeptical about the whole pheromone thing, but it appears there is some truth to it. Maybe not all of them work, or certain ones only work for certain people, I don’t claim to have the answers. What I do have, is personal experience. I accidentally spilled this on myself and what resulted was having my ear talked off for three hours by an incredibly introverted male I knew for about a year prior but could seldom get three words out of. I don’t think it smells all that bad, it seems to smell differently on different people (let friends use it) and I just used my normal perfume along with it anyhow so who cares. I’d say give it a shot, just be careful with the bottle as the one I spilled broke pretty easy. After the resulting conversation and events that followed though, (I admittedly had never considered this guy romantically) it was worth a re-order.”

There you have it. No more searching high and low for that perfect perfume that you are not sure is going to work. No pheromone product is a love potion that will make someone that is truly not interested…interested, but it will make a guy that is feeling a maybe about you take two steps closer towards your direction. Try one and see what happens.

Author: Jessica Brown

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