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Perfumes That Men Hate

Men are not into a woman’s perfume as much as women are into it. How many times have you complimented another women’s spritz? You probably said more than a man has. Men do not like the majority of scents we buy.  It has a lot to do with what the smells remind them of.

Here are Perfumes That Men Hate:

Flowery Perfumes – Men do not like flowery smells because it represents a time when financial times were hard. Most men think of these scents as cheap.

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Don’t Wear Your Grandma’s Perfume – No man wants to be reminded of their mother or grand-ma. It is a complete turn off.  Tea rose and potpourri type scents should be avoided at all times.

Soft Perfumes – In a study men chose soft smells less. In fact, it was hardly picked at all. This could be because too soft doesn’t compliment your own natural scent.

Baby Powder Perfumes – The least sexy smell men really do try to avoid. It reminds them of small kids and he simply doesn’t want to look at you that way.

 Ex-girlfriend or Ex Love Perfumes – Most men do not want you smelling like their ex, especially if it was a bad break up. I say, ask him or take him with you when you go shopping for perfume to make sure that it’s not going to remind him of bad times.

All that really matters is what your special guy likes. So if he is turned on to what is listed above, go for it! Again, it doesn’t hurt to take him with you or just try different ones until you get the response you are looking for.

Author: Jessica Brown

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