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Perfumes With Pheromones – Pheromax for Women

Pheromax for women has been proved to be a most effective pheromone after a long research. It is an influential and well-proportioned perfumes with pheromones produced in Germany. It is the best for the women who want to use pheromone scents that attract men.

Pheromox perfumes with pheromones consist of following ingredients with set quantity namely, Androstenol 2 mg, copulins 3 mg and unscented pheromone for women. But a layer fragrance is needed while using Pheromax for women.

Ingredients Of Pheromax Perfumes With Pheromones

  • Copulins – Copulins are a group of female perfumes with pheromones. They are concealed in the vagina at optimal proportions at the time of ovulation with the motive of encouraging and inspiring men to want to copulate. This set of pheromones mainly comprises of fatty acids that provide very less to no functioning by their own. But in an amalgamation they have been revealed to enhance the testosterone level in humans up to 150 percent. This enhancement in testosterone directly leads to arouse the feeling in men if a woman is there in front of him. It has also been researched that once a men smells the fragrance of copulins in women; he will definitely get attracted towards her and also find her more attractive and desirable.

The proportion of copulin in pheromax scents that attract men is designed in such a way that it can arouse a slight but obvious feeling of sensual attraction from men bare to it.

  • Androstenol – Androstenol is a pheromone fanatic that also known as a social pheromone. The special and sound effects of being bare to Androstenol indicate the following desires in a men namely, friendliness, chattiness, comfort, vigour, relaxation etc. Those men who easily get exposed with androstenol definitely like to be more relaxed and friendly with women and want to feel more engaged in a long conversation at the time of exposure. This ingredient in pheromone works especially for those who want to get in to the conversation with the strangers.

The accumulation of Androstenol in pheromax perfumes has proved to be the best mixture once again in Pheromax, evidently with the sound effect of encouraging desirable men to make them feel more friendly, calm and more relaxed then they feel in any normal situation.

Although the copulins enhance the level of sexual and pure attraction the mixture of androstenol with it separately demonstrate that it is very powerful that can increase proportionate effectiveness with the elongated exposure.

Now the question arises that pheromax for women really works or not?

Do Pheromax Perfumes With Pheromones Work?

Unfortunately, many pheromones are available in market with concentration of water and alcohol and are passed off as real pheromones. So, the question arise that whether Pheromax is also a one from these? Is this really effective pheromone or scents that attract men? Here are few things which will make you clear that pheromax for women really do well.

Pheromax put huge power in making a simple pheromone like marketing cologne. The main thing about pheromax is its ability of controlling negative or positive scents. People using scented pheromones complaint about the smell of the product. But pheromax perfumes with pheromones endeavours to resolve the matters of both scented and un-scented wearers by adding an atomizer into it.


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