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Perfumes Most Liked By Men

Every woman thinks about their guy before buying new perfume. But not all scents are liked by men. A recent survey showed the top 5 perfumes men love and feel women should wear. Let me warn you, some of the chosen scents you might have to save for, but according to the reviews it is more than worth it.


Pure White Linen #5

Stay smelling clean all day. Leaves you feeling like you have just taken a fresh shower.  One customer commented: “Very pleased with both the scent,which is a light floral, perfect for day or night. Is perfect for every time of the day giving you an essential feminine touch.”





J’adore #4

Best said by the most recent review, “The scent is heavy enough to be noticed but not so heavy you’d smell funny or perfumed, if you will.” No disappointments here. Chosen by men for its feminine quality.



Black Orchid #3

The bottle design seems bold, but it might be the solution to your need for an all-day compliment to your natural body scent. A happy customer wrote, “I am in love with this sexy sultry scent. This was love at first sniff. To me it smells like a creamy blend of orchids and jasmine mixed over a background of light resin and sandalwood. Many people comment on the chocolate note… I just don’t smell it. I think I pick up the almost milky flower scent. Perhaps the creamy sweet smell I pick up is where others get chocolate. Either way, this is one of my absolute favorite perfumes.”






Dior Addict 2 #2

Although floral scents are not number one pick for most men this perfume made it on the list. Recent review from a purchaser says, “This perfume was a departure from my normal, heavier scents. It is very feminine without being cloying. Floral kept in perfect balance with sheer pink grapefruit. The scent lasts all day, even the EDT, but does not overwhelm the senses.”

Coach Poppy #1

Made from the same company that makes leather coach bags this has sassy lady written all over it. At the number one slot for its unique smell and highly recommended by males. “Poppy is expensive, but there’s a reason. It actually stays on me all day. I do two spritz on my chest and spray my wrists to rub it on my neck. I love coming home after a long (and sweaty) day and still smelling the fresh smell of this perfume. My fiance has given me MANY compliments, which frankly had me sold. The smell is perfect for work”, nicely said by a customer.

You don’t have to take my word for it or any of the men that that made these choices Your best bet is to at least try a sample to see what reaction your guy makes before going for the full bottle. From the reviews and recent survey I know you won’t be disappointed.

Author Jessica Brown

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