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What Makes a Face Beautiful?

Attractive facial features makes a face looks beautiful. Now here the question is what makes a face beautiful? A beautiful face is a blend of different aspects such as complexion, facial features and shape of the face. Some people wear cosmetics, use beauty creams and so on; just to look good. But there are numerous facial features which make you glimpse attractive by natural means. Wide-set eye, high cheekbones, a tapering chin and a small nose are considered to make one glimpse attractive. Well-defined facial characteristics make just one look amazing. But beauty does not have set boundaries. It’s a perception that deviates from one individual to another. Here we will endeavour to share with you the face features that are widely thought to qualify because ‘attractive’.

Attractive Facial Features to Consider

Ideal Forehead

There’s actually simply no such thing as a perfect-sized forehead. But, the forehead size should preferably be at minimum one-fourth how big your whole faces. Or else, as prolonged as ones forehead compliments see your face altogether, it is ideal. However, most of the people consider big foreheads attractive.

Pointed Nose Tip

Perfect Nose

The narrow nose with a pointed tip is quite alluring. What makes it more appealing, is devoid of those prominent wrinkle lines (also called smile lines), through the sides of one’s nostrils to the corners of one’s lips.

Cheeks Bone

Chubby cheeks may perhaps look pretty, but many people aren’t really looking attractive with such. High cheek bones have always been a really sexy feature in women. Cheek bones must have a hollow curve that is in keeping with your mouth area, slanting way up to the start of your ears.

Well-Shaped Lips

Beautiful Lips

Lips are very important and attractive facial features. Proper shaped lips look tempting and luscious. Your lower lip ought to be fatter compared to your top lip. The outline of this lips ought to be a directly line, but not smudgy. Very good teeth established and jaw line play a significant role from the positioning of the lips.


The narrow, tapering chin always appears very enchanting and desirable. The chin should not be over-sized, nor should the idea be as well small. A medium-sized chin is definitely perfect. As soon as the jaw line, the chin is the final characteristic that defines the face.

Flawless Skin

Flawless skin is the key to attractiveness. It gives that person an incredibly neat along with supple seem. The complexion also plays a crucial role below. Slightly tanned, golden brown leafy skin has long been a big turn on. But usually, even in case you are on this fairer or darker side, it rarely matters, providing you have any flawless skin colour, which is without marks, freckles along with pimples.

It is a fact that a person must be beautiful at heart, but a beautiful face also counts as added advantage. No matter if you are a college going or a working lady who is in search of rich men looking for love, attractive facial features are what everyone seeks.

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