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5 Facial Features Men Look For

No matter how you try you can’t deny that men are more of visual creatures than women. What they see with their eyes is very important to attracting a guy and also for keeping him. Experiments of 1,000 people last year was conducted on men and women by taking photos. Women of all races were photographed and men were the judge. Most men preferred a specific selection of women that they thought were more attractive than the others. Below are 5  facial features men look for in a woman’s face:

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  1. Too Much Fat in The Face – Large cheeks and neck is said by men to be a turn off. It gives a message that the woman has little control over their eating habits and may be too emotional. Of course we know, ladies, this is not exactly true, right?
  2. Too Little Fat in The face – Skeleton-like features are too scary and indicates that the person is sick and not fit for giving birth.
  3. Great Smile – A good smile is inviting and warm. Men feel a woman with a beautiful smile is friendly, happy, open and ready for love.
  4. Beautiful Eyes – It does seem to reveal the soul of a person and their depth of emotional availability. Bright eyes show great health and levels of glow. Eyes uncover truths such as interest and desire.
  5. Breast before Face – Rather he is a breast man or not men often will look at a pair of breasts before the face. A perky and good size chest also indicate fertility. Majority of men from the recent surveys desired at least a C-cup.


Men are suppose to be the more simple creature where their basic instinct is based on the physical fitness of a woman. Not all men prefer a tight fitted, some (lesser of the bunch) love thicker and fuller all over. The most important thing about the way you look is that YOU are happy with what you see in the mirror.  Confidence definitely trumps how your physical body looks.

Author: Jessica Brown

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