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10 Interesting Facts on Human Attraction

Human attraction is quite obvious and common. We get attracted to the one we find good to talk and look also matters! It is more often exchanging like for a like. When it comes to attraction between human, it is more likely reciprocated on the fact that you are complimented by the feeling of another. Here are the ten interesting facts about the attraction between human.

Fact One: Symmetrical faces are attractive

Attractive Female Face

Many people love the one having symmetrical face- well aligned eyes, nose, and lips. This kind of facial features seems attractive because it is closely to perfect that is related to superb genes.

Fact Two: Women get attracted to older men

In many cultures, this is a common fact that many women are attracted towards older men. This is because they find them more understanding, patience and love as compared to the young man. Moreover, the chemistry between two is the reason women are attracted to older men.

Fact Three: Who make first move will be more attractive

A person who makes the first move seems to be more attractive to the other. The reason is simple the one who is attractive to other makes first move because he/she finds the other person more attractive.

Fact Four: ‘Odor’ a vital component of attraction

Pheromones Can Make A Greater Difference.

Body smell/odor is also a big reason of human attraction. Many men release odorless pheromone called androstadienone, which is responsible for attracting the partner. This is in sweat, but odorless.

Fact Five: Contraceptive can take control of attraction

According to a study, the birth control pills affect the opinion of some women so significantly resulting in losing attraction to their partner. The contraceptive pills can persuade woman to look for redeeming qualities such as financial and psychological security or lessen her preferences completely while taking pills in routine.

Fact Six: Younger men get attracted to women with slender waist and hourglass figure

According to some researches, younger men are attracted to women having hourglass figure and slender waist. It is also observed that there is a co-relation between a woman’s reproductive ability and hourglass figure.

Fact Seven: Human can differentiate between attractive and less attractive

Human can easily make a difference between attractive and less attractive woman. According to researchers, the attraction is not the eyes of beholder but in the universal standards of attractiveness.

Fact Eight: Men Find younger women more attractive

Younger Women are More Attractive

In almost every culture, men prefer dating younger women than older ones. This is because human females can only reproduce for a limited time.

Fact Nine: Children born in the 30s and 40s are more attractive

It is a fact that couples who are attracted and have children in their 30s or 40s tend to have more attractive kids as compared to the couples having children in their young age.

Fact Ten: Women attracted more to men who gave ideal hunting physique

Women show a stronger attraction towards men who have perfect hunting physique such as narrow waist, broad shoulders, chest and narrow waist.

Apart from all these, there are many laws of human attraction that can be quite useful for understanding the psychology of human.

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