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Challenges Of Dating An Older Man

There is always good and bad side of everything, just like on the topic regarding dating an older man. Because of so many differences not just on age but also in terms of maturity, looks, and many other factors, some couples survive such relationships while other lovers just give up. We cannot blame these people because whatever their stands on this relationship issue, they can have their own reasons.

Now, in this article, let us discuss how challenging it is to work on dating an older man. I will give you some of the common reasons why this kind of relationships last and some do not.

Different Plans

It is expected that an older man have different plans compared to his partner. For a woman at younger age, she would want to travel around the world, try many great new things, and experience adventure.

On the other hand, an older man plans to settle down and have their children. In this setup, conflicts would occur. However, on some couples, this still works when the old man is still capable of going around with his partner despite his age. However, for those men who are already old to travel, this might cause some misunderstandings.

Physical attributes

Differences on looks matter if couples are of different ages. Even taste of fashion has some dissimilarity. Some people find it cute looking a woman dating an older man, but for those who are judgmental, they would think that it is a mismatch. This is no longer a big deal for the two people involved. Only if they would care on what other people say about them, their relationship would be affected.

Maturity levels

An older man is more mature compared to his partner. Mature in ways that he carries responsibilities in the relationship. Because of the longer years, he has stayed and experiences a lot of things, this could contribute on how he would make his decisions and all.

This could be fascinating for a woman in dating an older man because she can assure that she is in good hands. Being with mature people guarantees a healthy relationship. However, on the other side, for the old man who dates a younger woman, conflicts might arise. Young women might have still some childish thoughts and behaviors, which could disappoint their older partners. To resolve this issue, acceptance can be a great help.


When you are dating an older man, you should expect that at your age, you would be more attractive to look at than your partner would. This comes naturally for women at younger ages because women still have scents that attract men. Jealousy can strike anytime and this could threaten your relationship. Insecurities would arise on your partner’s side and you should not want that to happen. In order not to cause any arguments in this matter, you should provide assurance to the man you are dating that you can be trusted and nobody could take his place despite all.

Love needs trust and confidence. No matter how old or young the person you are dating, age should not matter and any other things except respect and love should never be an issue.




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  1. I need some advice. An older guy is interested in me. I’m 17 and I think he might be 48 (haven’t asked him how old he is). I know that my family would kill me if they ever saw me with him. But the thing is I’ve never met anyone like him. I’m a varsity student….so in his eyes I’m independent and mature….which is kind of true but the point is I don’t think I can handle it. Ever since I can remember older guys have always been interested in me….he’s not the first but I’m hoping he’s the last . It’s always been easy for me to dismiss them but he is different. ..In a good was just the
    . He gets me. I don’t know what I should do so please help.

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