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How to Dress to Attract a Rich Man

If you want to attract a rich man you will have to look the part. You also have to have the confidence of a woman that only dates rich...

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Why Do Men Like Women In High Heels?

Women in high heels look so attractive; why? High heels, in addition to making a woman taller they also force the back to make an arch,...

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Sexy Moves to Attract Man Instantly

Ever pondered what really makes a guy feel aroused or glance at you again & again when you just walk past him? The sexy moves or the...

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Relationship – 5 Proven Traits Men Want in Women

Flip a few pages of any magazine and you will surely find at least one article telling about what women want and what not in a...

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Dating Turn Offs For Men – Are You Driving Him Away Without Knowing It

First impression can make or break your efforts to attract men. If you know how to bat your smile or eyelids in the most attractive way,...

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How to Identify Creepy Guys Who Hit On You

Do you feel afraid to go out and talk to a man because of the way he looks at you? Well it’s a common occurrence and as said “it’s tough...

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How to Increase Your Sex Appeal to Attract Men?

Sex appeal works like a magic wand to attract men. Some women have it and some don’t. But every single woman has the necessary potential...

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How To Attract Men | Do’s And Don’t For Girls

So you’ve met with someone you are attracted to? What is your next move? Act like you’re interested? But you don’t want to give false...

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How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

The most effective way in which you can easily grab attention of a guy you adore and get started with him, is nothing but flirting. It’s...

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How to Flirt With a Guy over Text Message

You’re already in bed thinking about your date and suddenly your phone buzzes with a text tone and the screen lights up. All of a sudden...

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