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Why Do Men Like Women In High Heels?

Women in high heels look so attractive; why? High heels, in addition to making a woman taller they also force the back to make an arch, pushing the bosom slightly forward and the butt rearwards, thus putting the accent on the feminine outline. Marline Monroe reportedly once said if you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world. Yes, women feel more confident when they are wearing their favorite pair of high heels. They find their bodies more slender in heels. If you are a women you should have at lease on pair of nice heels in your closet and you are not far to conquer the hearts around you.

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Women in High Heels Look Taller

Height gives you an initial advantage. Both women and men consider a taller woman on first sight as more assertive, intelligent, ambitious and independent. If you look closely in your circle you will notice women with good height are more affluent and more successful than those of shorter women. A pair of heels does add all this and more to your personality.

High Heels Draw attention

A Woman in High Heels

A woman wearing heels certainly catches attention. Men feel attracted to women wearing heels, and a great pair of heels also rewards you with compliments from other women. Stylize your outfit with a nice pair of stilettos to draw more male attention. If you are in mood to turn heads tonight, compliment your sexy legs with perfect pair of stilettos.

High Heels and Confidence

No one knows why women feel more confident in high heels. It’s a tricky thing to uncover the equation between high heels and confidence. What I could asses is—heels enhance almost any outfit and this may be the reason women look more attractive and feel confident. As mentioned earlier, heels draw favorable attention to her personal style, attire and her posture. This makes her feel good from within and that comes out as confidence in her personality.

Heels Accentuate Legs

Heels Accentuate Legs

Women’s legs look amazingly sexy in heels. This is the biggest benefit a women get wearing high heels. It changes the posture and makes legs look leaner and longer. Wearing high heels does not only alter the perception but it actually tones a woman’s leg muscles. Moreover, they enhance the entire appearance of a woman’s body by giving her a firm style to carry herself when she stands of walks.

Women Look Thinner Wearing High Heels

The entire universe is behind the thinner look. Why a woman should not wear a pair of high heels if she can easily achieve that thinner look only by spending a few dollars on her shoes. High heels make you look taller and when you combine it with a perfect outfit you look much slender and lean than your actual body shape.

Walk Properly in High Heels

Having a pair of good heels is not enough, you also need to learn how to walk correctly in heels. Unfortunately, many women fail to maintain right posture when walking in heels. The correct way to walk in stilettos is from heels to toe, it would be even better if you could slightly sway your hips. Learn the right posture and grab what is most desirable to you only by walking a few steps ahead of him.


  1. yes! we as men do love to see you in heels. the main reason this is true for me anyway is that I want you to apply baby oil to the soles of your bare feet and jerk me off with your bare feet until you make me come… and heels let me know what I’m getting myself into in advance of me taking your shoes off and having my way with your bare feet till completion.

    any woman that would wear heels expects that her bare feet will soon become the objects of my desire. and she has prepared accordingly, with a professionally done pedicure and had her toes painted, preferably for me, a dark color like burgundy, or purple, or even dark blue.

    the fact that she’s wearing heels also leads me to believe that she takes good care of her bare feet, and that she is probably not gonna object when I ask her to jerk me off with her bare soles, coated in baby oil.

    by wearing heels, its as if she is trying to turn me on with her feet. and if you will use your feet to tease me, then you’ll probably use your bare feet to please me.

  2. Dunno, I prefer flats, lower heels or wedges. I love legs, though. It’s mostly a matter of attitude to me.

  3. I have always been a leg, feet and ankle guy. Since I am 5’7″ and my gf
    is 6’1″ heels to make her look taller is
    not an issue, it’s how it makes here beautiful size 11 feet and trim ankles look that’s my turn on and hers is that she can dominate me by towering over me and then be so dominated by me when lying down.

  4. As a 5’1″ male it really makes no difference except
    either I come under her armpits or boobs and in some cases as with my present love interest I look
    right at her belly button and her boobs are on top of my head and when I look up I get a mouth full.

  5. The brashness of prior comments may be a turn on for some people, but I’m sure animals can usually be subtly more sophisticated in their foreplay than to blubber their indiscretions on-line.

    I see women in high heels from a bit of a different male perspective in that I too have the desire and taste for wearing stiletto heels. So I know the feelings and reflections that many women experience while wearing heels. Having such beauty accent one’s appearance reinforces our attractiveness, which satisfies our intentions to radiate a pleasingly elegant look. Even though the high heel look helps men seem more fit and handsome, the beauty of women makes the use of wearing heels seem like another added attraction in their artistry of attiring. Definitely, all the factors of coordinating loveliness are contained within their silhouette of perfection. Any open-minded guy would want/love to associate with these visions of confidence and assurance upon the first impression. At least two personalities have an opportunity discover each other, because of wearing high heels.

  6. Since I was cursed with shortness of height for a guy
    being only 5’3” however blessed with good looks and the ability to make money, my love life hasn’t suffered
    and my present love interest is a gorgeous woman who is
    6’1” and has no problem not
    wearing hi heels and in fact tells me all the time what a relief it is for her feet and she has beautiful feet size 9.
    We do have some awkward moments, but it’s all good.

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