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Fashion Accessories to Accentuate Your Look

You try every way possible to attract the man of your dream. From pheromones to your sexy moves there is a lot in a woman’s arsenal. All you need to learn is how best you can use them to make him feel attracted to you.

When it comes to attraction all your efforts goes in vain if you lack in fashion sense. A girl needs to achieve a chic personal style that compliments her personality. Accentuate the best of your physical appearance. Accessories can make or break your entire persona. Keep in mind the occasion while choosing the fashion accessories for your outfit. Also consider the style, scale and color of the piece so that nothing looks inappropriate when suddenly you encounter the one you have been waiting for ages.

Choose Colors Thoughtfully

Colorful Outfit

When wearing white, black or other neutrals, you need not to think too much for accessories as any color look stylish and coordinated with these shades. But, if your choice for the day is a colorful outfit, make certain your accessories and makeup don’t clash. Experiment to find which color best suits your skin tone and what makes you feel good—no style mantra works if it does not make you feel good. The thumb rule here is—your entire ensemble does not have more than three colors.

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Scale for Your Fashion Accessories Is Important

For Taller Look

Simple accessories are best options when you are wearing patterns. Accessories that are very detailed look tacky with a printed outfit. Same goes with embroidered, ruffled or sequined or otherwise more embellished garments: put on understated accessories to highlight the outfit.

You can’t just ignore the scale and shape of your handbag. You also need to focus on your body type in addition to the color and patterns of your outfit. Tall, thin women can best carry a slouchy bag, hobos or clutches, while petite women should avoid over-sized satchels, they just don’t fit into their small frames. Less heightened women should follow the handbags with long strap. What is for plus-sized or hourglass-shaped women? Well nothing looks better than a boxy handbag—they evenly balance out their curves.

Define Your Style

Glamorous Look

You can completely transform your look with a style you adopt. A white shirt and denim can look completely different with a choice of shoes, jewelry and handbag. Define your personal style. Here are some common accessories that you can consider:

Classic look – diamond or pearl earrings, leather clutch, silk scarf, black pumps

Glamorous look –  bib necklace, large cocktail ring, chandelier earrings, crystal-embellished clutch, sky-high heels and over-sized sunglasses

Playful Look — hobo bag, headbands, skinny belt, chunky jewelry and colorful ballet flats

Edgy look — choker necklace, thick cuff bracelet, black leather booties and studded handbag

Workday look — classic watch, shoulder bags, kitten heels, delicate necklace

Casual accessories — knee-high boots, espadrille sandals, wayfarer sunglasses, candy-colored bracelet or watch, crossbody bag and floppy hats

Accessories can change your look from drab to fab. To look your best at every occasion apply as much elbow grease into selecting your fashion accessories as you apply for the main components of your ensemble.

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