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Pheromone Spray or Roll-on?

My personal experience with pheromone product dates back 4 years ago.  I was introduce to them by a Pure Romance representative. I thought...

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5 Ways End the Fear of Intimacy

As women it’s not easy for us to just end it with the relationship intimate thing and close ourselves off from getting hurt. So,...

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Where to Buy Male Pheromones for Your Partner

According to a 2015 analysis, women are increasingly having problems with their sex drive.  Specialist say it could be due to the increase...

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Is a Tongue Kiss Appropriate for First Date

Dating for the first time or dating for the first time in years you may still feel this question pop in your head.  Will it hurt your...

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5 Best 2nd Date Conversations

Ever wondered what’s an appropriate conversation and what was not when dating? I’ve always said by the 1st date you at least...

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Why Some Men Lick Their Lips – Hot Topic

You would never guess that a simple non-verbal body language such as licking lips could have such a deep meaning. Men lick their lips for...

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5 Facial Features Men Look For

No matter how you try you can’t deny that men are more of visual creatures than women. What they see with their eyes is very...

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How Pheromone Androstenone Make Men Hot

The pheromone androstenone comes from men natural scent and is the number one reason you find your partner attractive. It also stimulates...

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Libra Men Desire From Women

Out of all the zodiac signs, Libra men are the most practical and direct. They prefer a woman that will meet them at their own level.There...

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What Make Men Fall In Love

You may think getting men to fall in love is not so easy and perhaps it is if you are only focusing on one particular guy. If you choose...

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