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How To Dress To Attract Aquarius Men

Get An Idea To Attract Aquarius Men

To attract Aquarius men can be a daunting task for anyone without having an idea how they think and so on. In comparison to others, Aquarius men are more attractive and noticeable. They are easy going and fun loving creatures. Therefore, if you are seeking a frivolous, light hearted and fun relationship, then certainly an Aquarius man can win your heart. However, it is not a cup of tea for many, yet it is possible if you have right directions and guidelines for the same. This article is all about attracting an Aquarius man; so follow it and get into a serious relationship with your dream guy.

Develop Friendship First

In a relationship with men, it is essential to go slowly. So, do not let your patient go down. Firstly, you should try to develop a true friendship with him. Making a friend for Aquarius is very easy. Generally, you will find them surrounded with lots of friends belong to different religions, backgrounds etc. Your first step to attract Aquarius men is to be his friend, you should accept all his friends. This is how, you can give a start to your relationship with that man.

Color That Gives A Positive Impression

It is seen that most of the Aquarius men get attracted to women in turquoise. Therefore, always make a color selection carefully. Wearing a color of your man’s choice will give him an impressive feel towards you. Wearing something in turquoise reflects creative nature of a person. It is a blend of green and blue. This mixture shows different traits of the personality of an Aquarian. So, this color is quite fascinating to such men. They naturally get drawn towards turquoise. Therefore, they would like to know more about you.

Be Imaginative & Dreamy

If you are a dreamy or you have strong imagination power, then attracting an Aquarius man is not that difficult for you. Such men are constant dreamers and have strong imaginations. So, talk to them and try to encourage their imagination. You can do it by illustrating an infrequent dream of yours to him. This will offer you a way to get him involve with you. Moreover, he would love to analyze your dream as well as you. While narrating your dream, you can flatter him by saying that he was in your dream. About dream, he will explain several attractive ideas.

Attract Aquarius Men – Body Language Matters A lot

To attract Aquarius men, you should give a great importance to your body language. For an Aquarius guy, a rebel appeal will be ideal as they love rebellious people. You can pretend to be a careless one or an attitude of devil may care will be good for you. A cool body language to attract men is a right way in this regard.  Be calm and cool when you are with your man and behave confidently.

Remember that Aquarius men are highly social and active personalities. Therefore, you have to be very active when dealing with them. If you are interested in an Aquarius man and want to attract him, then be cautious about what they like and do not like.


  1. I did this with my boyfriend he wasn’t with it and we broke up but I’m wondering will he come back because I had a child by him as well and do family matters to an Aquarius.

  2. I wanted to know if am Aquarius man that o met 2 weeks ago will come back

  3. Wear short, tight skirts or six inches above the knee for sure. The more Ladylike and Feminine the better your chances. Just keep it classy and formal.

  4. Good advice and all, but please work on the grammar!

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