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What an Aquarius Man Likes in a Woman

Some women are very interested to know details concerning all about Aquarius men. This is because in choosing the best partner in life, some people rely on their judgment with the zodiac sign they have. They believe that personalities would match depending on what the stars would tell about the person they want to date. They are not particular with the symbols, but the attitudes and traits that come with those zodiacal icons.

What Things Are Significant in All about Aquarius Men

Because of an astrological belief that Aquarius men are easy to fall in love with, many women are finding their match with men born with the gift to show romantic love. These women find ways to attract Aquarius men because they are certain that they would have a successful relationship with a guy with personalities, which they can easily befriend and then push their mutual understandings to serious commitments. However, despite the great efforts of women, the decision and preference of Aquarius men matter most.

All about Aquarius men

Capture an Aquarian Man’s Heart

What Type of Woman that Aquarius Men Want To Date

This could be true to all men because Aquarius men are very specific with intelligent women. They want a lady that is intellectually competitive that could carry out conversations with high level of versatility. This is because despite the differences they had, with a witty and smart woman to date, many topics could arise that would be the start of their romantic conversations.

Men who are born in between the later days of January and almost mid days of February do not want a jealous woman. A relationship with trust and confidence would surely not last and Aquarius men put an emphasis on that matter. They do not want to tolerate immature jealousy without any concrete reason because that would be all nonsense. The strong foundation of their commitment with any woman they date should be built with strong trust and honesty.

Understanding women melt the heart of Aquarius men, especially when they make their plans, they do not want their partner to always contradict with what they say. There want a harmonious relationship with someone who would understand their points of views in life and would make some adjustments for the sake of a healthy and peaceful relationship.

Even if these Aquarius men are very romantic on how they handle their relationships, they are not into instant commitment. They plan their future with long-term considerations. Therefore, if you are one of those girls who want get married hastily then these types of men are not the ideal ones to date with. However, as long as you are willing to wait until they make up their minds to close the bond between you two, surely, you would have a perfect marriage with a man who would truly care for you.

If you think you qualify to be their best choice of women to date, you could now start your search. Find ways to attract men that could give you a happier serious commitment.


  1. An Aquarius man is trying to date me. He is on the scene all the time.

    • To Shepherd
      Give him a change he might suprise you us aquarian don’t like to be alone especially went it comes to love. I hope you can see past your problems with him and give him a change. Because imagine your in his situation how you would feel. all we aquarian man need is love…

    • Run

  2. Run. Cheaters

    • I agree. Run as fast as you can. They cheat…aslways. He will make you feel important..and have somebody else on the site..part time activity

    • I know a lot of Aquarius. They will test your worth (especially for future) to them at first. If you win them, they will be totally loyal to you. They would never break it. Even if you cannot bear they child, as long as they love you, they will be loyal to you.

    • Really???

  3. They love Aries woman, something about fanning their fire I guess.

    • Well that isn’t true because I am a libra

  4. They love to tame the untamable, my Aquarius husband of 23 years still haven’t been able to tame his Aries woman. He just smiles like a kid in a candy store, shakes his head while telling me “your crazy “. I love being unpredictable, and he loves the unpredictable.

  5. There cheap and full of shit they like Aires are liars just like them sneaky and wicked. Very sexual but always broke and depressed and drunks!!

    • Lol hello I’m an Aries woman,I wouldn’t consider myself any of the above so be nice.

    • U described this guy to a T !!!!

    • Don’t generalize everyone just because you were deeply hurt by some from specific signs. Try to analyze your group of people. You may be going with wrong groups if it has been recurring to you.

    • 😂😂🤣🤣Well dam lol

  6. Run they are liars, cheaters, very secretive, always talking bout being friends, have lots lots lots of friends of both sex

  7. A roller coaster mess run for dear life he will take you down through there my dear cause he has lots of sex partners

    • In reality, with any any sign, a guy who isn’t ready to commit will not commit. Date a man who is willing to commit, whether an Aquarius or not, he’ll be more mature.

  8. Aquarius men is a cheater, ignorant and kindly lies

  9. They are cheaters and liars… They will lie to cover up every situation. Evil men, even having a child by one he’s the most disgusting person in my book. Will never again date them. Runnnn for the hills

  10. Don’t give out many compliments, and are cocky. Will take advantage if you let him. Pretty logical when it comes to love, but rejects emotions

  11. I am an Aquarius (20 M) and i would consider myself very mature and confident in self as well as future, and what i am reading about perceptions towards Aquarius are mainly towards those who were not strong enough to mature when life presented them the path to do so. I find my identity in Jesus Christ as well as God my father, and am looking into Astrology as a logical science, but I would say for anyone looking for an Aquarius man, find one who is solid in his foundation of being grounded in Faith with a proper moral compass. Honestly, I find we just want to help the world as Aquarius’s.

    • ^ As well as a very strong personal relationship with God, I would never be as mature and wise as i am today so young without the help of my father in heaven. Personally I just want to shake the culture through music and use the money i make through my music to help wherever i can however i can. I think that is the common goal of a mature Aquarius, to help, to be a good person, and to help the world feel love and happiness. I truly am sorry for the immature Aquarius men who have hurt you.

      • I spent over 17 years with an Aquarian and knew he loved me. He would tell friends, family and anyone who would listen how much he loved me and what a great relationship we had however, after he died I found out what a liar and cheater he really was.

    • That was so nice!!! I agree

  12. I love an Aquarian man am an aries he touched my inner soul down to the core i know i make him melt he loves being handle like a man i met my soul mate how do i make gim understand i only want to love him he has trust issues help

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