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Aromatics Elixir Perfume For Women

It is true that all great fragrances and body shop perfumes for women are eliciting, polarizing, strong responsive and provoking that easily help to attract men. Whether you will like Aromatic Elixir or you find it despicable, it will never leave you apathetic.  Amongst the tradition and history of American perfumes, it is one of the best scents that attract men that deserve a section of its own. It is completely confident and bold with an uncommon mixture of austere elegance and sultry darkness that symbolize the top American fragrance. There are many fragrances that make their own place with amazing light fragrance and Aromatics Elixir is one of them.

Aromatics Elixir – Body Shop Perfumes For Women

The creator of Aromatics Elixir, the legendary perfumer Bernard Chant, used a cold- hot consensus of hedione and patchouli in order to texture the structure of the perfume. The conclusion of the amazing fragrance is dissimilar in character still the perfume possesses a voluptuous darkness, languid, ylang ylang along with the sweetness of honey and rose petals. It releases with nasty herbal note mixed with lemon which instantly evokes Indian beauty preparation as well as Chinese medical concoctions.

Function Of Aromatics Elixir

After the amazing prologue, the aroma begins to yield on a dry character, elegant yellowish brown color, vetiver and patchouli that make it more protruding. The bloomy layers offer an ecstatic quality to the composition, alleviating its heft and smoothens the rough edges. The pleasantness in Aromatic Elixir is very nominal which really performs well similar to the masculine fragrances. Chant When introduce his new innovation in the market, those men who love leathery chypre has found Aromatic Elixir amazing and equally interesting.

Those who are wearing this fantastic aroma since many years will definitely notice the deviations and changes in the composition which have converted more vivid over past years just because of few restrictions on the use of lilial, eugenol, oakmoss and such kind of materials. Nevertheless, Aromatics Elixir has worn all these amazing things beautifully. Although the composition is not same as the original formula still it’s splendid and amazing scents that attract men.

Ingredients Of Aromatics Elixir – Body Shop Perfumes For Women

Clinique Aromatics Elixir has chamomile, rose petals and its notes, jasmine, oakmoss, ylang ylang, lily of valley, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber.

Aromatics Elixir is one of the oldest perfumes from the family of Clinique. It’s categorized as Chypre-floral that follows the stages of strong classic and similar sharp. The best aromatic note is controlled by sage, verbena and chamomile which provide the bloomy and sunny notes of rose, geranium and various white flowers like jasmine, ylang ylang and tuberose. The traditional and the base ingredients used in the perfume are oakmoss and patchouli and they both belong to the house of Chypre. The moss green note at the end is distinctive of the chypre family laterally with vetiver.

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