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Madame X Fragrance for Women

Madame X – Scents That Attract Men

Madame X by Ava Luxe perfume is one of the amazing aromas available for females to attract men. It’s an erotic fragrance that rumours promises and secrets of sensual pleasure. Madame X by Ava Luxe perfume is a pure amber cloak of leather and labdanum that can be easily wear close to the skin and loiters through the night.  The perfume was first introduced in year 2006. The amazing fragrance includes the extracts of mimosa, jasmine, ambries, civet, hay, coriander, musk, cestrum, sandalwood, patchouli incense, oak moss, leather and vanilla.

About Madame X, Ava Luxe Perfume

There are many perfumes that talk about female confidence, emancipation, power of go-getter and cool. These aromas are intellectual at all conditions, they seems to be elegant but quite professional that proves to be a mark of successful and best for women in all areas. They have refinement, sophistication and class that set them different and classy and make them the object of esteem and admiration. Madame X recalls all the erotic knowledge that has an embryonic origin in out spirit, the call of the chase, wild, female surrender, wild, and complete desertion in open weapons of hades.

Ava Luxe Perfume

Ava Luxe path of sensual, deep and soft labdanum in all its sensual versions bloom on the skin that is mixed with the slight renewed pepperiness of coriander. The preliminary impression made it possible to mingle the sweet richness and spicy jolt of cinnabar combined with the depth of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and civet consensus of fascination. Once you will make use of the perfume you will definitely love the fragrance because the association is not only interesting but definitely enthralling too. The leather used in the aroma is so soft that it instantly attracts a person and makes them shed a tear for desire and longing.

The Madame X, Ava luxe Perfume is an aroma with strong feeling that helps the women knows what she exactly desires and let her know hat how to make use of the amazing fragrance in order to get all that she wants. The aroma has been tested on many people of different sex and age and it has triggered amazing fascination and attraction among them. It’s really an erotic fragrance that enhances sensual and sexual ability and also works as scents that attract men.

How Madame X Works To Attract Men

The Madame X is enticing, creamy, musky, slightly foodie and perfumed that attracts men without damaging your skin as it is very skin like too. It leaves deep impact on men. It easily attract the men towards the wearer also leaves a profound impact on wearer too. The more you wear Madame X, the more you will fall in love with it.

Official Notes of Madame X, Ava Luxe perfume

Acacia Farnesiana, Extracts from Jasmine Petals and Coriander, Freshly cut hay, Labdanum, Extarcts from Rose petal, Incense, Leather, Oakmass, Civet, Patchouli, Ambergies, Castoreum, Precious musks, Sandalwood Mysore and Vanilla.

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