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Annick Goutal Grand Amour Perfume For Women

The annick goutal fragrances have got a varied range of perfumes that you can choose from. You must choose your perfume with the delicate observation and smelling of the perfumes. You cannot put your finger on the smell that hovers around someone who is wearing a perfume that you like. If suddenly you come to find that smell in a bottle, you will like to find out what is the name. The fragrances for women are going to haunt your admirer in the same way if you wear it regularly. You can use this fragrance if you like the light and spicy scents that attract men. You need to observe, smell and advise yourself on the particular smell of Annick Goutal Grand Amour perfumes that are there for women.

Choosing The Annick Goutal Fragrances

The women who like to create a ripple when they enter a room with their perfume; need to find out the annick goutal fragrances that will stay on for a long time. The fragrance should match your personality and the season that you are using it as your signature. The scents that attract men can be the perfume that you choose with all your senses. The woman who has a passion for music will choose some special type of perfume and the one who loves to cook or enjoy food will choose some other type of smell.

Goutal Perfumes That Started With Passion

The pianist Annick Goutal started to create her brand of perfumes late in life. The perfumer Henri Sorsana taught her about ingredients and the way each of them smells. The annick goutal fragrances started with the pianist who kept her notes and ingredients with same fervor. She opened a boutique in 1980 and started selling her perfumes. The range of perfumes started to grow and customers started loving her fragrances. They tried to find their own passionate scent in one of the annick goutal fragrances.

Some Annick Goutal Fragrances Chosen By Women

There are certain types of perfume that you will get attracted to and so will be the men around you. The annick goutal fragrances have got a varied range of perfume at present day keeping these attractions in mind. The Passion is the fragrance that is mostly chosen by brunettes. The blondes choose Heure Exquise that has got a fragile scent and transparent existence. The exotic perfumes are chosen by the red heads and the mischievous ones find Eau de Charlotte. The ones who have dark and expressive eyes often choose Tubereuse. The most expressive one is the Grand Armour that you can choose for your daily wear.

The perfume that Annick Goutal created that is devoted to love is named as the Grand Amour for women. The perfume is powerful and has got a force that can bring changes in your world. The composition is based on musk, floral and amber. The floral smells are from a bouquet of flowers and the amber or oriental fragrance is created from vanilla, amber and myrrh. The musk fragrance comes in combination of balsam and forms a tangible sensation to the people very near to you. You can find a lot of other perfumes that can suit your sensibility and you can choose any one from the vast range of annick goutal fragrances.

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