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Arabian Attars | Enhance Your Sensuality

Arabian Attar is an exclusive aroma and fragrance that is in use from decades for meditation and worship by men and women both. It is an essential fragment of Muslim culture. The word “attar” is derived from ancient word “otto” or “ittar” that means scent or fragrance. These perfumes are the oldest in the world and are extracted from herbs, flowers, numerous types of bark and wood.  Arabian Attar is tempting the world with their discrete fragrance from decades and is now identical with fine luxury as well as ancient heritage.

Ingredients Used In Arabian Attar

Arabian fragrances consist of rigorous explosive aromatic compounds that are available in numerous styles and kinds. These attars are prepared from the best quality extracts that are popularly known for their ability to enhance sexuality and sensuality and works as scents that attract men.

The traditional Arabian attar is made using base compounds like oud, musk, jasmine, rose and amber. The best roses to make alluring fragrance are taken out from the Middle East region of Arab.

Various Types Of Arabian Attar

There are various attars for women that are classified as per the different categories and also on the basis of their origin.  The flower attars are prepared by distillation and purification process of flower petals like jasmine and rose and these are the best attars whose usage has been observed during Asian history. Apart from this, Saffron, Marigold, jasmine and lotus are some of the flowers used for the creation of attars. There are also many spice and herb sources for example, amber and musk that are mixed and distilled in these Arabian scents to make them alluring.

The two popular types of Arabian attar apart from pure natural oils are Bukhoor and Oud. Bukhoor is a combination of different fragrances that are available in curved pieces that is seared in shopping malls and houses throughout the Middle East. Oud is a natural fragranced timber that can be used on the skin and also used for burning purposes in order to spread the smell in the house or on the clothes.

Benefits Of Arabian Attar

Arabian attar is specially known for enhancing the sensuality and sexuality and work as scents that attract men. Apart from this, it has many remedial benefits that generate their possessions much further than just a fragrance factor. When applied directly on skin or when taken in diluted proportion they work as a strength tonic and reduce the level of stress to a great extent. Applying the attar on joints and knees helps to reduce down bone related problems like rheumatism and arthritis. Not only this, these attars also help to cure cough, asthma and other breathing problems. These attars also work as stimulants and also a good treatment for common cold.

Wouldn’t it be best if you can attract men just by your fragrance or aroma? According to some studies, there are many Arabian scents are pleasant enough to attract men. Arabian attars are the best aromas that women are using from last so many years to attract men as scents and the fragrances are playing a vital role in attracting men.

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