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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for some romantic bedroom decorating ideas you came at the right place. We have compiled a list of top ideas on creating a sexy bedroom. These sultry solutions will provide any couple a way to undeniable romance. Let’s go through the room essentials piece by piece: flooring, window treatment, lighting, bedding, as well as a few important personal touches.

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Bedding For Cuddling All Night Long

White Bed Linen

Your romantic bedroom decorating ideas starts with bedding. A crisp white sheet provides the sexiest tactile experience. Try to keep the sheets plain; only a little embroidery is good on the top sheet. Do not over-pillow the bed—for you two, you don’t need more than two Euro-sham-size pillows and four sleeping pillows. Instead on spending money on pillows spend more buying a pure linen sheet.

Flooring For Cozy and Rich Feel

Provide your feet the most sumptuous landing. Use wall-to-wall carpeting in a wool and silk blend—the arrangement will also be easier to your body if the mood strikes. A wool-silk rug will give a glistening effect in candlelight.

Window Treatment Is Important to Shout Out the World

Blackout Roller Shade

Either for total relaxation or for lasting romantic session it is essential that a bedroom is shut out the outside world. Use blackout curtains or multiple layered window treatments. A wooden blind topped by floor-to-ceiling draperies will give your bedroom a very soothing effect. If you are not an early riser you should love the idea of blackout curtains—these curtains allow you to stay in bed till late in the morning.

Lighting to Turn Your Bedroom a Sleep Haven

In a bedroom, especially while you are decorating it romantically, light should come from a mix of sources. Use table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers in the corner or over the seating area. Avoid having lighting directly over the bed—it makes a bare body look horrible. Bedroom must have dimmers on all lights; it helps creating mood and keeps you calm.

Colors to Add Magic

Vintage Red for Fun and Passionate Feel

Paint your bedroom walls in bright shade and keep rest of the decor light and neutral. The popular choices for bedroom wall color are: blue, pale hues of rose, gray and lavender. Avoid yellow and green in your bedroom as no one looks good in green reflection and yellow makes skin appear jaundiced. Give preference to your favorite colors because it’s a place of your private hours and should have things that you really love.

Final Touches for a Romantic Feel

While you are decorating your bedroom romantically how can you forget adding music and candle to your decor? Create a separate playlist for your bedroom and make sure it can go on for hours—romance gets an extra set of wings when two souls are cut from the rest of the world by the perfect background score for the night. A scented candle is a key to intimacy and arousal, try different fragrances to find a preferred choice of you two.

Hopefully, you would have liked our list of romantic bedroom decorating ideas. Please share your comments below. Bookmark us today and stay updated on interesting ideas to attract men.

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