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Does Red Enhance Men’s Attraction To Women

Red Is A Color That Draws Ones Attention

Color can be a significant method of communicating and judging the psychology of the observer on a subconscious level. Color can arouse an inclusive range of emotion and even memories.

Red is considered as the warmest color, hue of sex and romance that attracts men both physically and sexually. It augments fervor and vigor, aids to fortify dreams and protect humans from fears and anxieties. It is an aphrodisiac for men in terms of passion and sexuality. Red is the insignia of fertility, obsession and desire. A lusty and thirst color that scents to attract men. A Perfect color that draws ones attention and make people agitated. Actually, it is proved by intellectual reasoning that red and yellow are the first two colors that the brain possess and hence is used to elevate heart rate and ultimately the code of firmness and determination.

Red can attract both by physical appearance and even by biologically.

Red Enhance Men’s Attraction To Women

Physical Attraction

Clothing and makeup are two most important things that drag opposite sex’s attention and attract them.

  • Lipsticks

Red lips are the true indicators of happiness, sexuality, charisma and excitement. Red glossy lips seem to be sexy and stimulating. One can definitely fall in love by just feelings the charisma of the lusty color.

  • Clothing

Cloths are the items to cover the body but if submerged with color like red it is then considered as the best suiting and appropriates well. It facilitates to carry men’s consideration towards the hottest one.

  • Shoes

Shoes can be the reason of attention and attraction. Gaily and shiny color with either bows, buttons, buckles and of the most heels are considered as the criteria of losing one’s heart.

Biological Effects

Every color has different impact on one’s personality. Red is the most important of all. Red increases body’s metabolism. It refers to become romantic with the opposite person and considering her as sexually desirable.

Significance Of Red Rose

Red roses are the spoor of love and romance that was most common for love birds on their special occasions and events. It completely justifies the meaning of purity without saying any word and attracts men.

Red Makes Woman More Sexually Attractive

Red is a color of excitement, sex, strength, passion, boldness, speed, desire, lust, action and impulse that conveys a sexual meaning whether it is naturally or artificially revealed on women’s body. Many scientists proved that red are an element of attraction towards men and number of experiments was concluded in this context. Elliot and Niesta proved that women wearing red are more beautiful. Many psychologists reveled that women wearing red were treated as more sexually attracted as compared to any other color and can be invited on any sort of prom night.

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