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How to Activate Pheromones

You can activate your own natural pheromones to attract the opposite sex and to calm moods. If you don’t know much about pheromones it works like this: “As the heated air rises, it picks up the pheromones secreted from your skin, and, as this air emerges around your face, it causes people to look at you and notice your face. Human pheromone levels peak at around age 18, then slowly decline through our life. We all tend to think that the physical beauty of young people is the source of their attractiveness; however, smells activate the emotions (”

The Easiest Way To Activate Your Pheromones

Activating your pheromones is pretty easy.  Taking a steamy shower then don’t put any perfumes or strong smelling lotions in order to stimulate your pheromones. Surprisingly, after a small walk or a light exercise this will also cause your body to secrete pheromones naturally. Generally being in good health plays a big part, and a good diet is a good way to keep yourself in good condition and help your scents smell fantastic. In general though, keep it balanced, plenty of fruit, veg and fiber etc. Drinking enough water is a much overlooked aspect of diet as well and can assist in flushing out chemicals that makes your smell icky.


Activate pheromones to help attract the person you have interest in. You don’t always need products such as pheromone perfumes but they certainly do work to enhance the attraction. Using these methods you can get what the pheromone booster products claim to give you, but for much less money.

Author: Jessica Brown

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