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5 Colors That Will Attract Men

You want to be noticed and get attention. Sometimes it takes more than just having a great personality and a smile to make a difference. Experiments have found that the right color to attract men are often prime. Colors are can be seen from several feet away. You can attract a guy from the other side of the room just by wearing these colors.

Why the Color Red Grabs His Attention

It is psychologically proven that the color red stimulates passion. Most men fantasize about their lover in this color. Seeing the color red causes men to be more flirtatious with women that wear it. Men simply find women who wear the color red more attractive. Wearing this color sends a message that you are smart, lively and strong.

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Other Colors that Will Turn Heads

Black dresses will get his attention over black blouse and pants. This color represents style and elegance – men can’t help but be fascinated. Black screams mysterious which men want to solve and find highly desirable.

Yellow says you are outgoing and generally a happy person. It is the color of summer and the sun. The men that are attracted to yellow are usually loving and adventurous.

Pink colors will send a message that you are sweat and perhaps a little innocent. This color represents romance and soft crushes.

Green speaks wealth, freshness and friendly. It also says that you are approachable and are easy to talk to. Men that are attracted to this color is typically warm and down-to-earth.


Wearing the right colors will make the difference and how you are seen. When you are at a social event it is good to try out these colors and see what happens. It won’t hurt to have spray on a little pheromone perfume while you are at it.

Author: Jessica Brown

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