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Does Money Make A Man More Attractive?

Why A Young Women Marry A Rich Old Men?

If you ask this question to those who aren’t very rich or supermodels –will probably answer that these women don’t have any self esteem and they marry a rich young men only for his money, status and power. It’s a general belief that rich men get attracted to a beautiful woman for companionship as well as for sex. For Grown men, perhaps having a beautiful woman by their side is a matter of social status. Models and actresses usually wind up their career marring a wealthy man to live their life lavishly. They even don’t mind to be a partner of someone who is double their age and get through their married life keeping their attention to more pleasant things like credit limits or a latest model car.

Men Are Judged On Their Money

Money Makes A Man More Attractive

What is written above is a general belief like I said earlier but, really, do the young women really fall in love with very rich older men. To examine, let’s go a little orthodox where it is strongly believed that women are sex objects and contrary to this men are considered for their success. You believe it or not but women are still judged on their looks whereas, men on their social status, money and power. A supermodel type of women would find a carpenter or a dishwasher less appealing than to a man who is wealthy, famous and powerful. Money, fairly or unfairly, makes him more attractive than a carpenter or dishwasher of similar age and build.

Initial Physical Attraction

But the questions is– can a woman who first got attracted to a men for his money will ever fall in love –truly and deeply, to that man? Okay, I agree that the question is little ridiculous, I alter it a little for your convenience: Can a man fall in love –truly and deeply, to a woman if at first he was attracted to that woman for her phenomenal beauty, like her very sexy legs? The most obvious answer for the second choice is “Yes”.  Initial physical attraction has commonly been the base for bringing two people together and, if later on a the pair find emotional compatibility in each other, that initial physical attraction turns into a lasting bond of love.

A Fat Portfolio Can Be A Strong Reason To Fall In Love

Money plays the same role as the sexy legs in the matters of love. A fat portfolio can be a good reason to bring two people together, similar to the physical attractiveness, and then, if they are emotionally compatible, this initial (fake or true) attraction may turn in to lifelong partnership.  So, wealth can make you look more attractive and a young woman may fall in love with you for your money and social status but that does not guarantee that the love will last long. People fall in love for all sorts of reasons and money is one among them that has a little edge over all others.

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