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Cleopatra’s Secret To Attract Men

Cleopatra During Her Time

Cleopatra was of great feminine power that legend accounts her as the renowned seductress. She was depicted this way, and still is, because of factor- the Cleopatra factor that captivated a lot of men, powerful ones, during her days. She was not considered as one of the most beautiful women at that time, and honestly, many accounts portrayed such woman in many different descriptions, but beautiful is not one of them. She was fully aware and have understood her capabilities to attract men and used them quite well that made her name well-known into a lot of history books not just for her ruling.

Beauty Is Not Enough To Attract Men

If it was not about her beauty, then what is? Probably the answer to that question is what many women would die for just to know and learn from it. But that would be a little exaggerated of me. Well, all women possess the kind of assets that Cleopatra used to attract men, it was just a matter of understanding what a woman has and when to use them. Many factors that people may find amusing in women, and they use it effectively just like using scents to attract men. First, you should appreciate yourself but be careful not to be that of a narcissist. Finding beauty in one’s self is good, but digging in for wisdom in you and learning how to use it would be of great influence. Being smart and gaining knowledge of power would be very helpful and not to mention interesting to attract men.

The Power Of Respect And All The Rest Will Follow

Appreciate Yourself

Respecting one’s self is a very powerful tool in revealing your true capabilities. You should have confidence in yourself and treat yourself with high esteem, it is when you respect yourself that others will see your value. Do not forget to make yourself desirable to men by boosting up you sex appeal. If you want to attract men, always try to let them feel the need to prove something to you but be careful not to overdo it. Playing hard to get is sometimes a good thing but being too much might lose you your chance. Learn how to balance everything and the rest will fall into place. Well, maybe not all but at least you are making a good start.

Make It Last

In trying to make everything last, your relationship with a man would not and should not revolve only in sex. Try to find other ways to make him feel good and satisfied. Men are not as complex as women are, they are delicate and they have a weak spot on emotion. Try to engage into other activities that make both of you feel special, in that way, he will find it hard to get out from your spell and maybe he would not even feel like getting out of it. And another thing, try to be in a good image and not just try to seem good but also are. Try following these points and master the Cleopatra’s way.

Attract Men Secret – Take The Matter Seriously

The challenge in seduction is not only until you attract men but it will continue until the part of making it last. Don’t just stop there, to attract men successfully isn’t the finish line yet. You will be needing those mentioned tips above in order to maintain that desired phase. To sum it all up, beauty is not everything- one has to possess knowledge and power to mesmerize men. But before one can do that, respect to herself should be present at all times in order to invite respect from others and always try to be hard to get but learn to control it though. Don’t overdo everything too much because attracting men is exciting but is also a matter that should be taken seriously.



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