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Attractive Facial Features Of Women

Women are considered as the soul of innocence and beauty, the presence of hues with flaunting aroma, the meaningful and sanguine of life, a sour expression, a radiation of elegance that casts a shadow on opposite sex through attractive facial features. Attraction is the degree of pleasing physical traits that defines beauty. Men are motivated to women who are smallerthan them, have youthful appearance and exhibits features like symmetrical face, chubbybreasts, ample lips and low waist hip ratio. Research indicated that men are attracted to the young and beautiful women with physical evenness.

Facial Features Supports Attractiveness

Everyone is beautiful but certain facial traits make a person more or less attractive as face is the index of beauty if facial features support and communicate attractiveness. Experts formulated that well-formed cheek bones, large eyes, high eye brows and lips of medium thickness corresponds women as most beautiful.

Research indicated that most attractive facial features were found in average female face that is considered as the principal of beauty. In other cross study female with youth looking faces are more attractive to men as compared to those with less young. A research formulated a study between facial elements and attractiveness; researchers speckled the closeness of eyes and distance between eyes and mouth, and found a proportion of 48% and 34% that were nearer to the average of all women profiles.


Facial Features

Beautiful Women With Physical Evenness

There is saying that “eyes are the windows to the soul”. Nothing attracts a man other than beautiful eyes, pair of blue, hazel or brown eyes are actually the killer, provides calm, comfort and warmth to the males.Thick limbal rings in eyes proved to be attractive for women because natural and protruding limbal ring profound a true sign of youth. Warm and inviting eyes always gather attraction and appreciation. Moreover big eyes are the symbol of innocence and cuteness as team of physiologist in BBC proved a men are fascinated to large eyes a lot.

Different Types Of Faces

There are long and short faces, based on their longitudinal dimensions but oval ones are common in women that gives the feminine look, define delicacy and most of all inspires opposite sex. Women with symmetrical faces have more womanly features.

Luscious Lips

It is the first word that comes first time in male mind and definitely scents to attract man.

Lips are the sexiest feature that seduce men, appeal them and attract them.

High Cheek Bones

Women with such facial features aids to drag an eye on men with perfect balance between the concave and convex areas of the face. Round face with chubby cheeks is somehow liked by men but it gives a childish touch. Moreover long and thin faces do not impress men and not considered as the desired facial features of fascination.

Other Facial Features Includes

Narrow nose

A wide nose affects the appearance the face but a narrow nose makes it look more beautiful.

Eye brows

Symmetric and naturally shaped eye brows add beauty and elegance on women’s face.

I must say that beauty lie in proportion but cheerful smile and good facial features nurtures the attractiveness of any face and creates an aura of elegance, making her tremendously beautiful.


  1. Why is a narrow nose better or more beautiful ? I don’t think this is true, there are also many who don’t agree with that either.

  2. Why wouldn’t a narrow face be attractive? I see many guys adore a slim face on a woman.

  3. that is because not all women have that type of face. it seems to be making a general statement that these features, that are specific to a race, are the only beautiful features, which is wrong. there are many combinations of features that are attractive and ugly

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